Herbert Fritzke Prints

Herbert Fritzke enjoys finding and inventing the means, methods, and materials to create  new and evocative images, and collaborating with other printmakers. Fritzke received his Bachelor of Arts Degree, Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota. He was initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 1974 and earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota in 1981. Herb Fritzke worked with Professor Malcolm Myers as his Assistant and Master Printer before opening his own print studio. As a Printmaking Instructor and Master Printer, he has conducted workshops at the University of Minnesota and other art institutions. He currently works out of his St. Paul, Minnesota print studio.

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Fritzke Crossing the Bar 8.5-6.75.jpg (32912 bytes) 

Fritzke: Crossing the Bar, Color Intaglio, 8.5" x 6.75"



Fritzke Blue Fawn 9-7.jpg (28040 bytes)

Fritzke:Blue Fawn, Color Intaglio, 9" x 7"



Fritzke Doe and Fawn 6.5-8.2.jpg (29227 bytes) 

Fritzke: Doe and Fawn, Giclee- Intaglio, 6.5" x 8.2"



Fritzke En Garde 7-9.5.jpg (60871 bytes) 

Fritzke: En Garde, Color Intaglio, 7" x 9.5"



Fritzke The Old Guard 6-9.5.jpg (56228 bytes) 

Fritzke: The Old Guard, Photogravure, 6" x 9.5"



Fritzke Jacks 4-5.jpg (42113 bytes) 

Fritzke: Jacks, Color Intaglio, 4" x 5"



Fritzke Girl on a Rug 8.6-6.6.jpg (37772 bytes) 

Fritzke: Girl on a Rug, Intaglio, 8.6" x 6.6"


_Fritzke Figure in Nitric 10.75-5.5.jpg (29893 bytes) 

Fritzke: Figure in Nitric, Intaglio, 10.75" x 5.5"


_Fritzke Golden Girl 9.25-5.jpg (24591 bytes)

Fritzke: Golden Girl, Color Intaglio, 9.25" x 5"


_Fritzke_Hidden_Falls 2.jpg (48185 bytes)

Fritzke: Hidden Falls, Photogravure, 9.4" x 6.4"

Fritzke Kathleen 9.75-6.6.jpg (34771 bytes) 

Fritzke: Kathleen, Color Intaglio, 9.75" x 6.6"


Fritzke Magic Horse 7-9.4.jpg (66512 bytes) 

Fritzke: Magic Horse, Intaglio, 7" x 9.4"


Fritzke Red Fox 6.3-9.6.jpg (63154 bytes) 

Fritzke: Red Fox, Intaglio, 6.3" x 9.6"



Fritzke: Tamaraks, Intaglio,10.5" x 5.5"


_Fritzke Waiting 9.5-6.25.jpg (55170 bytes) 

Fritzke: Waiting, Intaglio, 9.5" x 6.25"



Fritzke Shot on Goal.jpg (26391 bytes) 

Fritzke: Shot on Goal, Woodcut, 24" x18"



Fritzke Bus Stop Woodcut.jpg (26441 bytes) 

Fritzke: Bus Stop, Woodcut, 15" x 11.25"