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Catalogue of Malcolm H. Myers Prints

by Julie Gonsoski, Curator of prints.



Alternative title, medium, and edition number is provided  when  known.  One or two varied editions of about 25 prints, often with irregular numbering, is common in Malcolm Myers' oeuvre.  Rarely, if ever, did  Malcolm Myers' editions  exceeded fifty prints.  Malcolm Myers' prints were often created over a period of years and are seldom dated and frequently have multiple titles. Many prints are signed only with his estate chop mark, which also guarantees  authenticity.  Feel free to contact us for further information if you would like to purchase a particular print. Print size is in inches.

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Aardvark: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 6.5 x 11.5. Ed. 23 +  A/P.

Abe: Intaglio B/W, 4.5 x 3.5.

Abstraction: AKA: Jazz, Color Woodcut, 11 x 21.

Adagio Dancers: AKA: Apache Dancer-see.

Adam and Eve: Intaglio, 10 x 4.

Agonia (Agony): Intaglio, 18 x 13.

All Blues: Color Intaglio, 12.5 x  8.75. Ed. 12.

Ambush: Lithograph, 20 x 24.

Angel: Color Intaglio and Stencil Color, 5.5 x 4. Ed. 19.

Angel and Devils: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 12 x 19. Ed. 17.

Animals Crossing the Bridge: Color Intaglio and Color Stencil, 23.5 x 36. Ed. 20 + A/P.

Animal Kingdom: Color Intaglio and Color Stencil, 24 x 36. Ed. 20 + A/P.

Animal Study: Intaglio B/W, 9 x 11.5.

Apache Dancer: Intaglio, 8 x5.

Ark (The): Intaglio, 17.75 x 23.75. Ed. 30 + A/P + Irregular Numbers.

Arnellios:AKA: Blues Alley: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 18 x 24. Ed.23 + Proofs.

Artist(The): Screened  Photo Reproduction, 12 x 8.5. Ed. 55, signed.

Artist and the Monkey: Lithograph, 14 x 10.

Artist in the Studio: AKA: Self Portrait, Intaglio and Color Stencil, 24 x 15.

Artist in the Studio: Intaglio and Color Lithograph, 18 x 23.5.

Ascension (The): Color Woodcut, 27.25 x 6.5. Ed. 6 + Proofs.



Ballet Dancers: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 36 x 24. Ed. 30 + A/P.

Bass Man: Color Intaglio and Color Stencil, 12 x 9. Ed. 26 + A/P.

Battle (The) Color Intaglio, 4.75" x 6.15"

Battlefield (The): AKA Battle Scene (The): Color Intaglio, Color Stencil, Chine Collee, 23.75 x 36.  Ed. 10 +A/P + Proofs + Irregular Numbers.

Battle of Big Horn: AKA: Morning Battle: Color Lithograph, 16.5 x 21.

Battle of the Eleven Knights: Color Intaglio, versions are Hand Colored 17.5 x 23.5. 

Bear (The): Intaglio 36 x 24. Unsigned. Completed and printed after the artist's death.

Bear and Mouse (The): Color Intaglio, Color Stencil, 23.75 x 35.75. Ed. 23 + A/P.

Bewitched Cow: Color Intaglio and Hand Color, 23 x 36.

Bedroom (The)AKA: King of Diamonds, see.

Big Builders: Lithograph B/W, 12 x 16.

Big Chief: Color Lithograph, 18 x 26.

Big Momma: Lithograph

Big Momma: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 14 x 10. Ed. 20.

Bird: Color Intaglio and Color Stencil, 5.5 x 7. Ed. 9.

Black Hills Lithograph

Black Hills (The): Wild West Series, Intaglio, Color Stencil, 9.75 x 11.5. Ed. 20 + A/P+Pr.

Blue Mood; Color Intaglio, 9 x 11.5. Ed. 9 + A/P.

Blue Rider: Color Intaglio, 23.5 x 35.5. Ed. 16 + A/P.

Brer Fox: Color Woodcut AKA:  Francois (also see) 8 x 5

Buffalo: Intaglio and Color Stencil, 24 x 18. Ed.16 + A/P.

Bus II (An  illustration for Phonics book): Intaglio and Color Stencil, 9 X 6.5. Ed. 25.


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